Simplifying 3D technologies


What is MultiVu


MultiVu is a 3D imaging solution with a single lens camera, designed to advance your face authentication process. With eye safety, power saving and maximum security for your biometric data, MultiVu introduces our patented light field technology, applicable to any mobile or stationed device, with no additional hardware required. Our technology lets you take quick, 3D snap shots in broad daylight, and all at a fraction of the leading brands` costs.


How it works

    Our revolutionary image acquisition method is based on state of the art deep learning algorithms, which makes it a 100% passive solution (no illumination), operating as a front facing camera, using depth and RGB data, all in a single shot. Our process combines face and depth recognition, enabling a variable set of 3D applications, and an enhanced user experience, which can be implemented in most any digital interfaces. 


Bottom line


  • A lower cost solution (single sensor) 
  • Compact (less components) 
  • Low power consumption (passive solution) 
  • Off the shelf sensor 
  • Enhanced Features 
  • A single sensor providing 3D imaging (color and Depth)